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11 Good Deeds

Request a mail-in ballot

Make sure your vote is safe, informed and on time. The general election is November 3rd, but be sure to mail back your ballot ASAP to avoid potential post-office delays.


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BallotReady began in 2015 with the mission to improve nonpartisan democratic effectiveness by educating voters on their entire ballot. They aim to help all voters take action, make informed decisions and vote in every election.

How it works

Step 1
Request an absentee ballot

All it takes is filling out a one-page form—3 minutes or less.

Step 2
Learn more about your choices

Visit to find out more about each candidate, referendum and initiative.

Step 3
Vote and mail it back ASAP

Return by mail or look up your closest drop-off location to turn it in and save a stamp.

Your impact

One vote can change the course of an election.

Your voice has more power than you think. It’s a collective swell of single votes that decide elections and change the course of history.

About 40% of eligible voters did NOT participate in the last presidential election

Democracy depends on all of us taking part. Remember, voting has the power to shape our future for generations to come.