11 Good Deeds

Volunteer on voting day

Help staff your local polling place and combat the record shortage of poll workers. With your participation, we can create a safe and fair election for all voters.

ESTIMATED TIME: Less than one day

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Power the Polls
Power the Polls

This initiative is the first of its kind to recruit poll workers to ensure a safe, fair election process for every voter. Power the Polls is focused on staffing a low-risk, diverse group of volunteers to end the nationwide shortage of poll workers brought on by COVID-19.

How it works

step 1
Sign up

Enter your info to find out more about powering the polls.

Learn new skills

Your local jurisdiction will reach out to share details on creating a smooth Election Day.

Defend democracy

On voting day you’ll help voters check in, social distance, understand their ballots and ultimately cast (and count) votes.

Your impact

One day of volunteering can protect the democracy of an entire country.

Without your help, staffing shortages could result in closed polling sites, extreme delays and widespread voter confusion.

250K poll workers still needed,
<100 days to sign up and get trained

A true democracy relies on each of us taking part. Remember, this non-partisan act helps the entire country on election day and beyond.