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Youth engagement
Youth engagement
Youth engagement

More than two decades after the 9/11 tragedy, nearly one third of Americans have no memory of the events of that day. The 9/11 National Day of Service provides an opportunity to teach young people about 9/11 through the lens of service and good deeds, and provides opportunity for them to pay tribute in ways that are meaningful to them.

The 9/11 Day Youth Engagement Program provides organizations with the funding, and the tools, to use 9/11 Day as a catalyst to engage young people in giving back to their communities.

About the Program and our 2024 Grantees  



Promote your 9/11 Day Youth Programs and Activities.
Shine a light on your amazing young people and the difference that they’re making, and encourage your friends, fans and followers to do their own good deeds!



Teach young people and their families, program staff and volunteers, about the importance of 9/11 Day.
Visit the About Us section on our website to learn more about how 9/11 became a National Day of Service, to watch the amazing stories of our 9/11 Day ambassadors, and more. Share the link with your affiliates, staffers, volunteers and the families you serve across the country!

Share our “About 9/11 Day” teaching tools and encourage staff and program leaders to share with the kids that they serve.


Distribute our 9/11 Day Lesson Plans to staff interested in teaching students about the 9/11 National Day of Service, and encouraging good deeds on 9/11.

Youth Engagement


Launch a large-scale #IWillfor911Day Campaign
Engage all of your staff, the youth that you serve and their families in pledging and performing their own good deeds on 9/11, and make an organization-wide commitment to service, using our step-by-step #IWillfor911Day Guide.


Share Your Impact!
In addition to highlighting grant-supported programs, highlight individual good deed doers on your social channels, tagging @911day and using the hashtags #911Day and #IWillfor911Day.


Draw inspiration from these 9/11 Day Ambassador Videos (designed for students at high school level and above)


Promote National Service!
AmeriCorps, the federal agency for national service and volunteerism and co-sponsor of the 9/11 Day Youth Engagement program, has thousands of opportunities to engage in national service. Consider promoting these opportunities among staff, alumni and older students!

Youth Engagement

Rekindling a spirit of
unity in America

See video Leader

Cait Leavey

Lost her father, an FDNY firefighter, on 9/11

See video Leader

Scott Strauss

Police officer and 9/11 rescuer.

See video Leader

Jay Winuk

Co-founder, 9/11 Day, lost his brother Glenn on 9/11.

See video Leader

David Paine

Co-founded 9/11 Day to promote unity in America.

See video Leader

Thomas Howard

Born on September 11, 2001

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